All About The Men Clothing

As we see men clothing looks simple but it is not because it is more complicated than the women though they have the limited options to opt it should be right and everything should make sense, most of the men like dark colour but most of the men don’t know which colour they need to wear according to the occasion. Men have limited option of clothing as compare to the women because women have so many things to wear but the detailing on the men’s clothing is more important and prominent than the women.

Be good to go

If we can see men clothing is simple because they have don’t put so many efforts on the clothing they just wear clothes and ready to go. For example, on Sundays no one go to office until and unless there is some emergency and most of the offices require proper formal dressing which is the mandatory for the workers, on Sunday you are chilling and enjoying with your family and all of sudden you receive a call from office that there is meeting and you have to attend it at any cost now what to do you are already out and wearing casual shirt but you keep your blazer always in your car so you good to go just wearing that blazer on your shirt and it gives formal look, that is how men clothing is simple and easy and not complicated like women.

Limited option

As I mention above men have limited options to wear because they can change the colours, fabric even design on the fabric but pattern remain the same like pent, shirts, blazer, formal suit and so on but they cannot change the pattern of the dress like women do so they have limited which is great but when you get so many options you get confused what to do and what not and the competition increase so it is better to have limited option so it will be easy to choose quickly.

Gents polo shirts

Gents polo shirts are the best because they can give you formal look and informal too and polo shirts are always in fashion because it gives the elegant look. If you have a semi-formal day in your office you can wear gant polo shirts there which look great.


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