Death Or Wine?

Alcohol is a great source of joy for some people but they don’t know how a sip of wine can decrease their life.  Life is a precious gift and sometimes humans can just waste it under a rubbish past or unnecessary pressure and sorrow. Sometimes, the problem is not as big as we think, it could be sorted out by just small counselling with family members or friends.

Taking wine is not the ultimate solution to every problem but can surly increase different kinds of risks. Some researchers claim that daily consuming wine can increase mortality risk by 20%.  Some people claim that they are born to drink first milk the beverages and in the last wine. But that is not a fact human can drink water or other healthy drinks, because is wine a healthy drink.

Stop consuming methanol:

A simple form of alcohol is methanol. It is closely related to ethanol, a type of alcohol normally found in wine or beer. But why should we not take methanol? Because it is poisonous and can cause different diseases in humans. Methanol is produced in fruits during the fermentation of fruits and can damage human health.

Cause accidents:

In cause, if a person is drunk and then driving a vehicle, there is a high risk of an accident. In this accident the drinker can murder the other people. And also kill by himself.Early death: Doctors of the whole world admit that a glass of wine can increase the death risk. Doctors that belong to different religions or countries vow that drinking is not good. The make that statement on the base of research.


Wine selling has become a business and every businessman wants that its business should be flourishing and for that, they use tactics for different types to make more consumers.  Wine’s seller said that red wine is good for health and can decrease heart disease risk.  But that is also a fact if wine can decrease the heart disease then it should not be forbidden in different religions and countries.

The online wine’s seller wants that the person should buy wines online and they can generate good revenue. Companies like Jack Daniels provide huge benefits of Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey so that people buy it. They use beautiful bottles to attract people for buying wine. Leeuwin estate art series cabernet sauvignon is also a part of this industry that persuades people and sells this poisonous drink.

Vintage direct is also a platform to buy this buy wines online. They do their business and they try to sell out their product. But if you are wise and love your health then try to avoid drinking wine. Because it is not necessary to drink wine and enjoy but necessary is to live a healthy and long life with family and save money and time and become rich.