Functions Of Terracotta Pots:

Terracotta pots plays an essential role in growing the healthy plants. Basically, terracotta pots are made up of baked clay. Terracotta pot allows air and water to be passed through the boundaries of the pot that facilitates the plant in its healthy growth. Always select plant pots according to the climate conditions and your required size. Terracotta pots are the perfect choice for growing the healthy plant. Plants are the best blessing of the God as it ensures the survival of the living things like humans, animals and birds. Moreover, plants can save living thing from many diseases by absorbing the pollution from the air that might be generated by trough the chimneys of factories or by the burning of fossil fuels. Plants provide us the different fruits and vegetables. Survival on the earth would not be possible without plants because initially, plants are the main source of food for human and animals. Terracotta pots protects the small plants and allow them to be excel in health manner. Terracotta pots save plants from different diseases as well. Terracotta pot eliminates the chances of over watering that ensures a long life of a plant. As terracotta is made up of baked clay so, it can absorb the water as well so, care taker has to frequently watering the plant otherwise plant could be dead.

Pros of using terracotta pots: 

The core benefit of using the terracotta plot is that its porous that saves plant from overwatering and ensures the growth of the plant. Terracotta plot efficiently protects the roots of the plant from the air that might causes the death of the plant. However, it allows the required amount of air to be entered through the plot for the survival of the plant in summers as plant has required minimum amount of air for a healthy growth. Apart from its functions, many people choose terracotta pots for designing purposes of to make their property or garden more attractive because terracotta pots are available in different designs and patterns. Moreover, these terracotta pots do not have any weight that allows you to hang them with walls to make your property more attractive.  

Cons of using terracotta pots:

Everything has its cons as well. The major drawback of using terracotta pot is that it can be broke down in severe weather conditions that causes the loss of the plant and roots of the plant might catch the air that expires the plant. Moreover, it can be break so easily it’s made up of baked clay so, it requires a lot of care as well.

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