The Importance Of Spirometry Equipment

spirometry equipment

Modern science has taken to a set of whole new set of discoveries that are now used in the better medical treatment facilities. Lung diseases and other lung problems are some of the most concerning one of these diseases. Spirometry is classified as part of the pulmonary function tests. Pulmonary function tests refer to a series of tests that are conducted to measure your breathing functions. These tests are important in the study of the deteriorating conditions or progress of treatment in a chronic lung disease. Spirometry is such a test; this particular test however focuses on the use of Spirometry equipment for determining the conditions of air flow into your lungs and how much of this air is exhaled. In most cases the time taken to exhale this air can also vary and is noted. The two important measurements from this test include FEV1 and FVC. The results of these tests are collected to analyse the results.

What Happens During spirometry:


Chronic obstruction pulmonary disease and emphysema are some of the most common types of diseases that are tested using spirometry tools. The procedure for the spirometry testing is quite simple. You will be asked to breathe into a tube that is hinged to a machine this machine is the most important part of the testing and is called a spirometer. Other instructions including how deep to breathe; will be provided to you by your medical practitioner at hand. This test can be performed by a respiratory therapist, nurse, or a medical professional. It is important for accurate test results that you ask any questions about the procedure at hand. You should not leave anything unclear for yourself. There are many things that can obstruct the accurate results of this test so you must follow instructions.

What is the Importance of Spirometry?

Our lungs are one of the most important organs in our bodies, unfortunately natural and human pollutants in the air can sometimes lead to chronic lung diseases. Of course, there are many other reasons that might come into play such as genetics, underlying conditions, smoking habits, passive smoking, etc. In general Smoking is the leading cause for most lung diseases. The importance of measuring the proper lung functioning for someone who has a chronic lung disease cannot be more stressed. Spirometry is not just used for the measurement of lung functioning but it also measures if there is anything that might be obstructing or restricting the airway. The level or obstruction or restriction is used by the medical professionals to diagnose the disease as well. This test is sometimes used to make sure that your treatment plan is working and showing gradual results. Chronic lung diseases are a progressive kind of disease and the conditions worsen overtime, to monitor these conditions spirometry is paramount to the procedure.