Uses Of Holographic Stickers

holographic stickers

Holographic stickers are extremely flexible and offer an inexpensive way for goods to be covered, authenticated and marketed. They are fully customizable, verifiable, and impossible to reproduce, so it’s no wonder that many of the world’s biggest businesses routinely use them. Holographic stickers are a versatile way to name, register, trace, secure, and validate your goods and records’ identity, from computer equipment to food, medication, and security documents. Here are five of the most popular holographic sticker applications.

  1. Holographic stickers for Anti-Tamper Protection

Tamper-evident holograms are specially engineered to emphasize when efforts are made to erase them, making them suitable for commodity and asset tagging seal protection. Several different tamper-evident sticker designs include: A design of a honeycomb left behind when the sticker is peeled off. Stickers disintegrate as efforts are taken to extract them. A supplementary coating that is exposed as you take off the sticker.

  1. 2. Security of the brand

Famous marks are also at risk from scam artists, and holographic stickers give an easy and discrete way to secure the items. Personalized holograms specific to your brand is made, rendering it is unbelievably difficult for everyone to replicate. Besides, special dyes, or tagged foils, can be added to the hologram, which a special reader can only identify.

  1. Promotion and packing

Holograms are perfect for packaging and promotion because they are easily recognizable in a busy shop and can stand out. Holographic stickers, including boxes, bags and hanging tags, may be attached to any packaging form.

  1. Enhancement of Brand

Holograms on their products are used by all of the world’s most popular companies, such as Microsoft and Intel. For this cause, applying a hologram to your goods will help improve your products’ perceived importance and your brand’s overall perception.

  1. Authentication

On a large variety of various types of records, including ID cards, season passes, credit cards and many more, Holographic stickers are commonly used for identification purposes. It is impossible to reproduce holograms, which minimizes the danger of theft. However, you can also add additional protection with tagged foils, as with holograms designed for brand recognition, if necessary.


What is the method of hologram sticker printing?

Holographic stickers are flat adhesive labels that hold a 3D image and provide a visual effect. They are also used for protection reasons, as hologram sticker printing is a complicated process that can only be repeated using the original “master hologram.” Specialist equipment is necessary to do this because when they see a holographic sticker, many counterfeiters are deterred as a consequence.

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